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ebatesEbates.com is a great Web site that pays you cash back every time you shop online (up to 26% back!) Ebates works with 1,700 stores including Sephora, JCPenney, Kohl’s, Home Depot, Overstock.com, Groupon, and Walmart, so you are sure to find your favorites.

In addition to cash back, Ebates has thousands of great coupons, free shipping, and special offers from its stores, so you always get a great deal.

Membership at Ebates is free and there are no forms to fill in or points to redeem. You get paid cash back for shopping by check or Paypal. As an added bonus, we’ll each get a $5 bonus from Ebates when you make your first purchase!

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NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card

NetSpend Credit CardThe NetSpend Prepaid Debit Card | MasterCard® is by far the best one I have found. There is No credit check so basically if you are old enough, you qualify.The sign up process is so painless you will wonder if that’s it. Once you click on the application link you are taken to a form that only ask for minimal information Name, address, Email, and Phone number and you are done. You will be contacted by phone soon. My phone call took about an hour to come where they get your age and SSN for later identification and validation. Pay attention during the call you are told your card will take about 7 to 10 working days to arrive. My card took a full week and it came with all the information you need explaining their fees and how to log on to their website to activate your card. If you gave them valid information on the application and phone call you will have no problem validating the card.

The next step is to load the card with cash. Their site has a button to list the loading places in your area. I loaded my card at Walmart with $40 and by the time i got home and checked my balance i found i had a $60 balance.

After checking scam reports and ripoff reports it was hard to believe what some people report. This card is not a preloaded gift card. If you want one for a friend let them fill out the application You will get $20 for your trouble. If you get one in your name and try to give it as a gift they will have a lot of trouble activating it as it is in your name. One of the scam reports claims they got a text message to provide their master card number, exp date and security number. Don’t ever answer a text like that as no card company would do that. The person tried to blame the card company for emptying their account.

Use your card wisely. I use my card like a bank for PayPal money transfers to and from PayPal are free and instantaneous. If you use it for a purchase the fee is $1 each which less than PayPal credit cards charge for large charges (over $20). It is a great card to help build up your credit rating and good training. If you try to charge more money than you have it just doesn’t work so you avoid overdraft charges. Unlike normal credit cards you don’t have monthly interest to worry about because you are not borrowing money you don’t have.

Their website is the easiest online banking site I have used. You can check your balance, transfer money to banks or PayPal or any FlashPay customer.  Bank transfers are slow. When I transferred money from my USBank account they took 8 days to release the money. Some banks don’t play well with others.

Click below to apply for your card.

Install My Income

installmyincomeInstall My Income is a new program on the  ClickSure network.

I purchased a copy of Install My Income the first week it was available on the market. The sales video presented one of those products you have just got to try just to see if it worked as good as it was presented. Their training is split up into 5 stages of videos. The videos are well done and easy for anyone to understand.

They seemed more than cooperative to work with me to clear up some minor problems with their web site. Nothing is perfect when it first comes out. After really going through all their training and the software they are presenting, I found that the real value in their product is not the software although it does work quite well. They suggest a backlinks product that will move your articles to the first page of Google which will assure you residual income on products you post on your web sites. Unlike most others this service keeps your articles ranking high on Google. Even more valuable than their software product and some really great training is the coaching they provide. They take a real interest not just in weather their products work but in what they can do to make sure you make good money. All in all this is a great product. When you purchase the product you will be sent to a payment confirmed page. Save a link to this page it is where you find all your training. If you need help submit your tickets through the help link on your clicksure receipt you get when you buy. You will be surprised how promptly they respond.

At first I thought the backlinks product they suggest was expensive until I realized it will bring you much more traffic/sales for less investment than you would get from an autoresponder like aweber where you have to work to keep up a list. The backlinks approach actually comes as close as you can get to a set it and forget it system. These are great people to work with. If you follow their advise you won’t be sorry you bought this one. Once you select an article title that people are searching for in Google that doesn’t have a lot of competition, they will get it and keep it making money. If your post title has to much competition, the bonus package I provide will make those articles profitable as well.

getyoursnowIf you order using this link send me a copy of your receipt from clicksure and I will send you some traffic secrets that will give you all the traffic you want from people who are looking for what you are selling at a cost of less than a penny a click. I’ll send your bonus via e-mail when you send a copy of your receipt. This bonus along with the backlinksindexer can give the results you want. The indexer will work on your other sites as well.

Please be patient with the site, High demand has been overloading our servers. We are working on speeding things up.

What Is No No Hair Removal

by Jim Lewey
nonoThere is a lot of chatter surrounding No!No! What Is No No Hair Removal? No No Hair Removal Reviews have been springing up everywhere. The facts look impressive – the No No Hair Removal 8800 model has now sold close to 2.5 million units and has received countless accolades including being voted “Product Of The Year” by over 60,000 American shoppers at the highly respected Product Of The Year USA ® Awards.

none of that really matters if No!No! fails to deliver on the promise
it makes to its customers – quick, painless, easy to use and long term
hair removal which works for EVERYONE (regardless of hair color or skin type).

I’m sure you’ve read a few other No No hair removal reviews before landing here. If you’re anything like me you have probably found these to be insubstantial and lacking detail. So allow me step up where others have fallen short.

I have been using the NoNo 8800 for over 14 months now and in this review I will explain as clearly as I can my experience with it. You can also read the comments of over 100+ other No No users at the end of this post.


The big question of course is…does No No Hair Removal really work? I’ll get to that shortly. When you see how good it works and see the price of the alternatives You will be glad you got one. Do the whole family. This Works Great!


Google Sniper Review


This Google Sniper Review describes the best Of all the Make Money Online products that have been released in the last year, Google Sniper has remained the standard that the other products try to beat. I bought a copy in April of 2011, about a month after the first version was released. It has remained the best one I have used. This year George brown upgraded the old version to 2.0 when he added the Sniper X addition.  He now includes traffic sources and product sources that i have only found inÂsources costing $900 or more.

Sniper is organized into 6 sections of training made of a training manual and 49 videos. If you use this training to select your domain/sub domain names, Site name, and post name your websites will rank high in the search engines. Using these techniques will often have your post pages ranking higher than your main site. It even helps a lot to use the sniper techniques to title your ads if you post ads. Some traffic sources will post your ads in a way that can get highly target search traffic at .15 cents a click. Using sniper tailored key words with these ads will give you a high return on the cost of keyword targeted ads.

If you want to have a website you can have one built for you or you can get affordable Hosting for under $8 a month. If you watch for specials sometimes you can get it starting under $4 a month. If you want reliable service stick with a quality service like HostGator. Even their starter package allows unlimited domains and websites. With them as with other quality hosting services you can install as many WordPress blogs or web sites as you like.

You can try Google Sniper 2 without risk for 60 days if it’s not what you want you get 100% back with one email asking for a refund just keep your receipt.


 As a Bonus, if you buy/try Google Sniper using the link above, send me a copy of your receipt for a list of productive  traffic sources that will give you highly targeted traffic for as little as .1 cents or less per visitor to your offers. Note you still need to use Sniper techniques to construct your ad title and ad body. A new bonus addition shows you how to get google to see you as any domain name you want. this helps you get to page one of google faster.
Send your receipt to jlewey@gmail.com.
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