Google X Affiliate Scam

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The Google X Affiliate  software Is Not a Scam. Its another one of those Build it for you products that has good and bad points. Their Keyword research training is top notch and in my opinion the good points far outweigh the bad points. It does a good job of finding profitable products that are good movers and creating affiliate links and they have an excellent database of articles you can view, edit and personalize, copy and paste into your website. Their training videos and pdfs are top notch for what they teach you. They will install a WordPress blog on in a domain or ad on domain on your server and it will work. They do not handle sub domains or sub directories well. If you create your only blog on a sub domain you can still use Affiliate-X to do your keyword research find products and great articles. Just cut and paste the articles into your blog and be sure to edit the articles to make them unique and correct. Use your spell check before you publish your articles.

They use a pdo-for-WordPress plug-in that bypasses the standard MySQL databases so some plug ins you try to ad won’t work including standard backup plug ins. On the bright side of this approach you can backup and restore using zip files and your database is in your WordPress directory. Moving a site to a new location with all your settings intact isn’t possible. You can use the WordPress export and import functions to move your articles to a new URL. The pdo-for WordPress plug-in allows you to create more blogs on hosting services that limit your sql databases.

If you want a system that looks up good products and articles to create a blog the  Simplicity auto blogging plug-in does a great job.

If you want a system that will build your blog for you, the best one I have found is Commission Black Ops It also wants a domain name for its install but they include a backup program that will allow you to move the blog to a new path. This is a great feature if you didn’t choose the best domain name the first time. They also give you a manual install program that will allow you to put your blog anywhere you want. They even drip feed great articles and get back links for you. No program is perfect and I have included work workarounds for the problems I found with this one. I have built about 20 programs with this one and still use it. All in all I would Not buy the Google X Affiliate system.



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